Master the

of Language


because discovering and developing your unique voice is essential to engaging the world authentically, confidently, and meaningfully.

Shiela Catanzarite


PROVIDING THE RESOURCES YOU NEED TO express yourself masterfully

helping educators and students understand and artfully use the elements of language to 

  • compose powerfully
  • converse effectively
  • connect meaningfully

And Live Confidently

What if you could teach Language Arts using just ONE book?

What if it was simple, beautiful, gentle?

What if your children thought it was fun?


Living Verse unwraps the gift of poetry while helping children reach new heights in both intellectual culture and language development. Your students will become stronger thinkers, stronger speakers, and stronger writers as they discover and model the language elements that create one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of writing.

Living Verse Language Arts in Poetry


“Poetry, is perhaps, the most searching and intimate of our teachers.”

-charlotte mason

Welcome to Podcast Season 9

Join us as we discuss the beauty and benefits of a Charlotte Mason education and how you can employ her effective methodologies to bring simplicity, freedom and joy to your homeschool days. 


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