About Shiela

Shiela is an author, editor, speaker and language communication coach. She's a 20-year Charlotte Mason veteran homeschooler and has worked as Jeannie Fulbright's editor and designer for 20 years helping develop Jeannie's award-winning Apologia science curriculum.

Earning a bachelor's degree in Special Education and a master's degree in Christian Education, Shiela's passion is helping students understand the elements of language and how to use these elements artfully to communicate effectively in speaking and writing.

Both of Shiela's and her husband Bruce’s daughters attended private universities on scholarship and went on to pursue graduate studies in medicine and global business. She attributes their love for learning and academic achievement to homeschooling with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and methodology.

My Story

I’ve always had a passion for words~for beautiful words that create beautiful language.

I wake up each morning anticipating the new word that awaits me, nestled in my Word of the Day email. Sometimes it’s a quirky word, other times an elegant word. Most always an intriguing word, trying to jostle its way into my ever-expanding dictionary and begging for a spot among my forever curious students.

I’ve learned throughout my years of writing, editing, homeschooling, and teaching English Language Arts and Communication (nearly 40 years in some form!) that language is a gift. It’s an art. And if understood and used artfully, results in confident communication and ultimately meaningful connection.

I’ve witnessed the powerful effect of language in students’ lives. I’ve seen what’s lost when Language Arts is broken up and taught as separate academic concepts—devoid of life—only to be memorized, tested, and graded. Yet I’ve seen what’s gained when language is approached and honored as a whole work, its arts learned and applied in an integrated way—a living way.

From this understanding came my passion to create curriculum and classes that help students understand and artfully use the elements of language to write and speak effectively. I love that I can test out my ideas and lessons on my students to curate the very best methods—methods that draw out and develop their thinking, speaking, and writing skills. And I love that I can provide educators a unique and life-giving approach to teaching Language Arts, helping their students develop their full language learning and communication potential.

In a world dominated by technology and expanding artificial intelligence, I’m thrilled to champion living language and offer products that develop the student’s unique and authentic writing and speaking voice so they can engage their world confidently and connect with others meaningfully.

My Philosophy