The ability to think critically and communicate effectively and confidently is crucial for success in relationships, career and life in general. My advanced English Language Communication classes are designed to help students master the art of language through thinking deeply and communicating effectively in speaking and writing.  

The majority of my students are promoted to advanced ELA classes in school and some are chosen for leadership positions, standing out as strong thinkers, strong speakers and strong writers.

My classes are 75 minutes and are interactive, focusing on practical application and effective usage of the language arts concepts learned.

Student notebooks are used for in class and out of class assignments . Homework includes ELA standards, SAT vocabulary word studies and writing and editing assignments.

Students' works of exceptional writing will be featured on my website and published in my newsletter. 

*A live online Honors Language and Composition class is being offered to home educated high school students for credit.  Class meets Tuesdays, 2:45-4:00.

COMING SOON! The Art of Language Digital Academy for educators



6th Grade: The Art of Speaking

Public speaking consistently ranks as the top fear people experience. But it doesn't have to be!

This interactive small group class aims to establish the students' speaking voice, helping them become confident and effective communicators and preparing them for the many speaking requirements in the upper grades and in career. 

We begin by studying the art of communication and its various forms, then move on to learning and practicing specific tools and techniques that empower our speech, making it clear and effective. 

Throughout the class we focus on fluency in our speaking and presenting, and confidence in expressing ourselves naturally in a group.

Students will write a variety of original speeches to be presented in class and will participate in an end of the year speech recital.

Class meets: Wednesday 5:30-6:45

7th Grade: The Art of Writing

Most students don't like writing and feel that their writing skills are poor.  But we can change that!

This hands on small group class focuses on understanding and communicating the English language through writing.

We begin by learning the history, structure and artistry of language communication then move on to study the main genres of writing while focusing on the language arts elements that make each unique and beautiful. 

Students will compose original works, imitating the models studied while strengthening their language usage and writing skills.

The art of editing and paraphrasing are areas of focus to help the students develop and refine their unique writing voiceprint.

Class meets: Monday 7:00-8:15  CLASS FULL

8th-10th Grade: Mastering Word Artistry

Comprehending and writing about literature and poetry is a focus in high school and college.

This small group workshop-style class focuses on understanding the structure and artistry of some of the best crafted works of writing.

We'll study a variety of carefully curated passages to discover the authors' purpose and how the specific structure, literary devices and language arts elements chosen make their work effective.

Students will deepen their reading comprehension skills as they analyze and study each passage using a whole language, immersion approach. They'll hone their writing as they apply what they've learned to imitate the models they've studied.

Editing and presenting will continue to be a focus to help students refine and master word artistry and  language communication skills. 

8th meets: Monday 5:45-7:00;
Tuesday 6:45-8:00

9th meets: Wednesday 6:45-8:00

10th meets: Thursday 6:30-7:45

Class Details

  • All classes have 36 weeks of lessons and meet in my home.
  • Classes begin the week of August 7th and end the week of May 20th.
  • A weekly schedule is provided in your child’s student notebook.
  • Tuition is $1,200 for each semester and is due before the first class of the semester.
              Fall semester tuition due by August 6th
              Spring semester tuition due by January 7th
  • There's no registration fee, and class materials are included in the tuition. Payments may be made by cash, check or Zelle transfer.
  • Because the classes this year are advanced and build on each other, it’s important the students attend every class. This year I will be offering a weekend makeup class at the end of each month for students to make up missed lessons.  
  • Deadline to register is Friday, July 28th. To register, email