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Shiela Catanzarite is a published author, editor, speaker, language and composition teacher, and English language communication coach. Earning both a bachelor's and a master's degree in education, Shiela has worked in the language arts space the past 35 years developing curriculum and classes to help students understand and use the elements of language to communicate effectively and artfully in speaking and writing. 

Shiela's and her husband Bruce’s daughters were homeschooled through high school. Both attended private universities on scholarship and went on to pursue graduate studies in medicine and global business. She attributes their academic achievement and awarded scholarships to strong writing and interpersonal communication skills.

Shiela's past and current students have won writing competitions, published blogs and are writing for the school newspaper. Many have won leadership positions because of their strong essays and interviewing skills.

Shiela's Advanced Language & Composition classes are designed to help students understand and master the art of language through thinking deeply and communicating effectively in writing and speaking.  

The classes are 75 minutes and are interactive, focusing on practical application and effective usage of the language and writing concepts learned. 

Student notebooks are used for in class and out of class assignments . Homework includes learning and applying language devices, SAT vocabulary word studies, copia exercises, and writing and editing assignments. 

Students' works of exceptional writing will be featured on Shiela's website and published in her newsletter. 


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Whether a struggling or avid writer, everyone would greatly benefit from Ms. Shiela's unique method of writing instruction.
~homeschool mom

9th-10th Grade
Advanced Language & Composition

This hands on small group class focuses on understanding and communicating the English language through writing.

We begin by learning the history, structure and artistry of language communication then move on to study the main genres of writing while focusing on the language arts elements that make each unique and beautiful. 

Students will learn effective literary and language devices and will compose original works, imitating the models studied while strengthening their language usage and writing skills.

The art of variation, editing and paraphrasing are areas of focus to help the students develop and refine their unique writing voice.


Weekly Live Class Meets via Zoom:
Monday 2:00-3:15 ET or
Wednesday 1:30-2:45 ET

Hybrid Monthly Live Class Meets:
First Monday of the Month
12:00-1:30 ET 

History of Language: from orality to literacy
Structure of Written Language: from the work to the word
Artistry of Written Language: voice, language usage & editing
Tradition of Oral Language: folklore types & purpose 
Genre of Poetic Language: poetry's craft & artistry
Language & Literary Devices: types, effectiveness & usage
Narrative Language: types, purpose & effectiveness
Persuasive Language: types, purpose & effectiveness

*In addition to short, in-class writing assignments, students will study and model a variety of written works, such as: poems, tall tales, fables, ballads, historical narratives, biographies, memoirs, editorials and personal commentaries.

*Students are taught to self-edit their work, perfecting three writing assignments each semester. Ms. Shiela will give editorial suggestions for the student to consider incorporating into their final draft.

Monthly Course Topics

Monthly Course Topics

11th-12th Grade
Advanced Style & Composition

Not only comprehending a text's meaning but understanding its unique chosen language and usage is critical to deeply grasping a work of writing.

This small group class focuses on understanding the structure and artistry of some of the best crafted works of writing.

We'll study a variety of carefully curated passages to discover the authors' seed idea and argument and how the specific structure, literary devices and language arts elements chosen make the work stylistic and effective.

Students will deepen their reading skills as they analyze and mark each passage using a whole language, immersion approach. They'll refine their writing as they apply what they've learned to imitate the models they've studied.

Editing and writing variations will be a focus to help students refine and master word artistry and language communication skills.

Weekly Live Class Meets via Zoom:
Tuesday or Thursday 2:00-3:15 ET

Hybrid Monthly Live Class Meets:
First Tuesday of the Month
12:00-1:30 ET

Monthly Course Topics

Structure of Language:  genres &  types of works
Artistry of Language: literary & language devices
Art of Argument: seed ideas, reasoning & text structures
Elements of Argument:  appeals & types of supporting content
Art of Style:  voice, tone, mood
Elements of Style: word choice, punctuation, grammatical constructs
Art of Oratory: speeches & presentations
Elements of Oratory: appeals, voice, gesture

*In addition to short, in-class writing assignments, students will study and model a variety of  fiction and nonfiction written and visual works from different time periods. Works include: poems, essays, speeches, diaries, plays, letters, articles, editorials, and images and artwork.

Students will keep a commonplace book to collect interesting quotes, excerpts and sayings gleaned from their reading to be used in their writing and speaking.

*Students will learn to self-edit their work, perfecting three writing assignments each semester. Ms. Shiela will give editorial suggestions for the student to consider incorporating into their final draft.


My daughter has grown as a person, as a writer, and as a communicator under Shiela's instruction. Shiela cares about her students and it shows in every interaction she has with them. Her excellent raptor and incredible writing curriculum have made this a class unlike any other. Shiela has unlocked the brilliance in my child and given her the tools to share what she thinks in the most beautiful ways. My daughter is so much more confident and able to articulate her thoughts and opinions well. She enjoys writing for the first time because she understands how to express herself artistically and understands the rules of grammar.  My daughter's writing is shared, appreciated, self-edited, peer-edited and edited by Shiela until each piece of writing is perfect. Students are taught to appreciate the editing process instead of dread it, which is a missing component in other writing classes. My daughter spoke to a group of 200 people recently and her poise, articulation, and confidence all spoke to an amazing year with Shiela. My daughter is not the same person she was when she started this class! It's been an incredible year of growth!

Holly | homeschool mom

Ms. Shiela’s class was a lot of fun. Learning about the art of writing was interesting—as well as helpful—and I learned a ton! We learned how writing is a blank piece of paper that can eventually portray ideas, share feelings, tell stories, and thoroughly educate. We learned about the murmuring of the beez (onomatopoeia), the bro in the flow (formulaic language and poetry), the way we can create a place, create a character, and create a world (anaphora), how words are as valuable as gold (simile), and how to make the reader feel, smell, hear, see, and taste (imagery). Thank you Ms. Shiela for an amazing learning experience.

Skyler | 10th grade homeschool student 

I have taken Ms. Shiela's class for one year and I can honestly say that it has been life changing. Her approach to teaching has brought so much confidence to my speaking and writing skills. Ms. Shiela spends time helping me learn as much as I can and become the best writer I can be. She gives feedback in a positive way, inspiring me to do my best. I will be forever grateful for all I have learned and all I still have the opportunity to learn through her classes.

Whitney | 11th grade homeschool student 

Class Details

  • All classes have 30 weeks of lessons.
  • Classes begin the week of September 16th and end the week of May 12th.
  • A weekly schedule is provided in the student notebook.
  • Hybrid students' homework assignments will be submitted weekly on an online platform.
  • Tuition for the weekly live class is $1050 for the year ($525 per semester). 
  • Tuition for the hybrid monthly live class/recorded class is $750 for the year ($375 per semester).
  • Tuition can be paid in full before the semester begins or month to month. 
  • There's no registration fee, and student notebooks are included in the tuition. Payments may be made by check or Zelle transfer:  
  • Deadline to register is August 1st.